Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Gesture...

Say you have Superman punching the lights out of some supervillain. Now, put Mickey Mouse in the same pose, so he's doing the same thing as Superman. You can't just stick his arm out- he needs to be punching the lights out of the supervillain. You can do this, even though Mickey's proportions are very different from Superman's.

That's gesture.

Class Notes - July 28, 2010

  • 2D/Optical Drawing
    • Envelope
      • Practice judging width to height, particularly for objects in perspective
      • How to measure this with a pencil
  • 3D/Constructive Drawing
    • Basic Box Construction
      • Basic 2-point perspective setup
      • Sides that are further away are smaller
    • Ellipses in perspective
  • Light & Shadow
    • Progression of values on form - Modeling Factors
      • Light
      • Halftone
      • Shadow
      • Secondary (Reflected) Light
  • Looking for shadow shapes
    • Get these in first when possible